RedFyve Design

About RedFyve

Design is creativity with a purpose. Applied art, blended with science.

BenRedFyve is the creative studio of designer Ben Dixon. Ben has been involved in the music and art communities of Seattle, WA for more than two decades. Ben is a Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Artist, Deejay, Musician, Producer, Father and Business Owner. Ben is a natural engineer with a lifelong passion for art and technology.

RedFyve was founded in 2003 by Karen Chappell. Ben joined RedFyve in 2005 and is now sole proprietor. Our ethos has always been; simplicity, balance, and quality-craftsmanship delivered with style.


The Process

As a small business owner, I know that an investment in something like design must be a careful step. That is why I have a time-tested system in place to ensure that I clearly understand your vision from the very beginning:

  • We start off with a complimentary 30 minute phone consultation: This wil give me the opportunity to get a basic understanding of your goals and provide you with my best advice on a way forward. 

    Please contact me to schedule your free phone consultation

  • If my services meet your needs: The next step is a meeting, either in-person or over the phone. I will get well acquainted with the scope of your project and discuss your ideas in depth.  I recommend that you provide me with magazine clippings, links to web sites, and any other items that appeal to you and will help to describe your vision.

  • After our first meeting: I should have enough information about your project to issue an estimate of both time and cost. I can provide detailed, itemized estimates to make it easier for you to plan your project and prioritize your goals.

  • If my estimate works within your budget and you are ready to move forward: I will send you a detailed contract as well as an invoice for the initial payment. Once I've received the contract and payment, I will begin work immediately.

  • Depending on the type of project: One or more design proposals will be created.  We will then go through a series of proposal reviews, allowing you to provide feedback until a final design is accomplished.  Using this system, I find that there is ample space given for communication, enabling me to be successful in achieving stunning results for all of my clients.